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    NOTE: I DO NOT ship eggs to Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, or Canada!

Who We Are

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Welcome to Riggins Idaho!

After 20 years of breeding, raising, and selling Fancy Chicken's in Fallbrook California, JDS Chicken's has relocated to Riggins Idaho and is now called Riggins FANCY Chicken's. Riggins is located in the banana belt of central Idaho where the Little Salmon River and the Salmon River come together. State of Idaho NPIP # 104 Avian Influenza, Pullorum-Typhoid clear. We offer Day old chicks, fertile hatching eggs and FARM FRESH EATING EGGS.

Our main birds are large fowl, dual purpose breeds that can go from egg to table. The focus of our breeding program is on type and unique color. After breeding American Paint Horses for 25 years I will admit I do like playing with PAINT!

The Breeds we currently have are Silver and Gold Deathlayers-Gold and Buff Laced Brahma- BBS Partridge Brahma-Cream Legbar-Blue Laced Red Wyandotte- F1/F2 Olive Egger-55 Flowery Hen-Lavender Mottled Marans and Orpington.

Orpington Colors: Chocolate, Chocolate Cuckoo, Blue Buff Colombian and Lavender Mottled.



Gold Laced Brahma

Direct Daniel Velazquez

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Buff Laced Brahma

Direct Daniel Velazquez

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Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Sold As Hatched Blue, Black and Splash

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Silver Deathlayer

Direct GFF 2017 & 2018

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Gold Deathlayer

NOT Available

Direct GFF 2019

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Cream Legbar

Direct GFF 2014 & 2017

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Fancy Chick, Ewe Crazy Farms, Ultimate Orpington, Heirloom Orpington and Papa Poultry

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Olive Egger

F1 & F2 & F3

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55 Flowery Hen

Direct GFF 2019

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