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After many years of breeding Fancy Chicken's in Fallbrook California, JDS Chicken's has relocated to Riggins Idaho and is now called Riggins FANCY Chicken's. Riggins is located in the banana belt of central Idaho where the Little Salmon River and the Salmon River come together. State of Idaho NPIP # 104 Avian Influenza, Pullorum-Typhoid clear. Last inspection was April 25, 2018 TAKE A TOUR OF THE RANCH

We offer started chicks, fertile hatching eggs, incubating service and table eggs when available. Our main focus is on large fowl, dual purpose breeds that can go from egg to table. The focus of our breeding program is on type and unique color.


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    Rare and Unique Poultry.

Services offered by Riggins Fancy Chickens

Please call us for more information about the services we offer

Incubation service (November 1 through May 1) We have a 300 egg Dickey cabinet Incubator and seperate Hatcher. You supply the eggs and only pay for each chick that hatches. Chicks must be picked up no later than 3 days after hatching or a room and board charge of 1.00 per chick per day will incur. Note: Hatching Eggs can be purchased from us but this offer does not include the Deathlayer and Hmong eggs


Riggins Fancy Chickens


Select Hatching Egg (Nov through May) We are now offering a limited amount of Hatching Eggs. Orpington-Maran-CCL-Olive Egger are $3 each up to 18 eggs per order + $25 USPS Priority Shipping within the Continental USA (Special consideration for 4-H and School Teachers class room projects) German Deathlayer are $185 for 12 Eggs includes USPS Priority Shipping, Foam padding and double boxed and Hmong are $65.00 for 4 eggs PLUS $25 USPS Priority Shipping within the Continental USA..


Riggins Fancy Chickens


Farm Fresh Eggs, When not selling fertile hatching eggs we do offer fresh eggs for eating. You can call for availability or if you are driving by stop and push the CALL BUTTON bt the front gate. Eggs are $3.00 per dozen.


Riggins Fancy Chickens


Our Breeds

These are the breeds we are currently working with. Mouse over the pictures to see the name and click on the word GALLERY to go to their photo gallery page

German Deathlayers

All prices are subject to change without notice.



at POL (point of lay)

5 to 6 months old

Shipping extra

GFF line-Bred by us



just started laying

6 to 10 months old

Shipping extra

GFF line-Bred by us


Mature Hen

Proven producer

1 to 1 1/2 years old

Shipping extra

GFF line-Bred by us


Here you will find some basic information about the breeds of birds we raise.


Source: Greenfirefarms Greenfire Farms is the original importer of this breed into the United States. Our line is sourced directly from Germany where this once popular bird's population has declined over the centuries. A recent census in Germany put the total registered population at about 1,500 birds. We are hoping that their utility value will be received enthusiastically by American fanciers so that, together, we can protect the rare and valuable features of this breed. They are a phenomenally active free-ranging breed and are sure to become a favorite with small-scale egg producers and backyard hobbyists. But, if aesthetics are driving your choice, it is hard to imagine a more beautiful rooster than the Deathlayer. With its tight cushion comb, iridescent greens and purples in its black feathers, luxuriant tail, and totally black doll eyes, in looks the Deathlayer can easily compete among the beautiful chickens on the planet.


Fibromelanistic Hmong Chickens The Hmong chicken, or better known in Hmong community as (qaib xiav nqaij), which when translated to English simply means (blue chicken meat), may possibly be one of the greatest hidden treasures among poultry enthusiasts here in the US. While fibromelanistic breeds have been the rage over the last couple years with the introduction of Ayam Cemani and Svart Hona, few have realized that the fibro gene had traveled to this country many years before, only to have been hidden away within our Hmong communities. Traveling with families from their native country long before there were restrictions on doing so, Hmong chickens have continued to be raised and cherished in their pure and unadulterated form. This blue/black skin chicken has been a sense of pride, and no doubt, a constant reminder of the homeland that their keeper's love so much. Raised primarily by the older generation, and then passed down to the next when they have grown mature enough to appreciate them, these birds remain to be more than a chicken, but a connection between a people and their homeland. read more


The Marans, French: Poule de Marans, is a breed of chicken from the port town of Marans, in the département of Charente-Maritime, in the Poitou-Charentes region of western France. It was created with the local feral chickens descended from fighting game chickens carried from Indonesia and India. Those original Marandaise fowl were "improved" for the table through recombination with imported Croad Langshans. A favourite at poultry shows, it is a dual purpose fowl known both for its extremely dark eggs and fine meat qualities.

ENGLISH ORPINGTON-Mauve Color Genetics

Mauve is a Blue based Chocolate .To breed is simple . choc/choc (roo) x Splash hen (Bl/Bl) F1 = Mauve Pullets (Bl/bl+choc/w) and Blue split for choc Males (Bl/bl+ Choc+/choc) .

Then cross Siblings Blue Split for choc male (Bl/bl+ Choc+/choc) x Mauve Pullets (Bl/bl+choc/w) F2 = Mauve,choc,splash,black and Marshmallow .

Select Marshmallow pullet (splash choc(Bl/Bl choc/w)) and Chocolate Male and cross F3 = 100% Mauve Mauve Male (Bl/bl+choc/choc) x Mauve Pullets (Bl/bl+choc/w) = 50% Mauve 25% Marshmallow and 25% Chocolate


We are currently working with two lines Foley Fowl and Tindall Fowl

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