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ALL Visitors will be asked to practice bio security and social distancing

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  • UPDATE 5-17-22


    With Avian Influenza now in Idaho we are suspending all shipping of hatching eggs and locking down the ranch. no visits this summer for bio security reasons.



    Temporary holds are placed when I send an invoice. Invoices not paid within 24 hours of receiving them will be canceled. THANK YOU


  • CALL FOR DETAILS 760-990-3862 (text) or leave voice message 208-628-2772


  • FYI...My flock is closed, I practice strict biosecurity, all of my birds have been tested. as of now I've decided to maintain my NPIP status in order to ship hatching eggs only. there will be no shipped chicks offered this year. It doesn't make sense to continue investing my time, money and effort into hatching chicks without the ability to ship chicks/birds when my only shipping option is no longer able to get them to their destination at a resonable rate and in a timeframe that insurers a decent survival rate. It's truly a crossroads for me at this time


SILVER Deathlayer

  • CHICKS-straight run
  • $

  • $
  • CHICKS-straight run
  • $


  • $ght run



  • $


Shipping Eggs

We ship all eggs USPS Priority Mail, insured and double boxed. The insurance is for lost shipment or damage to the box resulting in damage to the eggs inside. There are NO GUARANTEES on fertility or hatchability once eggs leave my hands. HATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK

Shipping in foam blocks- 6 to 12 eggs

How it's done at Riggins Fancy Chickens-FB post

Foam Block- Holds 6 eggs each

$5 each

chick box12 x 10 x 6


Horizon single bird box18 x 8 x 20


Horizon large bird box16 x 16 x 16


Horizon OMNI box24 x 18 x 16


Heat Pack -

$3 each

Chick Bedding -

$5 each


Ice Pack - for Eggs being shipped during high heat.

$3 each

picked up here- Paid in advance of collecting

Eggs can be ordered and pickup up at the ranch after collecting but all orders must be paid in full in advance of collecting.

Packing in Foam


Click on the images below to view larger

Eggs are collected two to three times a day and stored in a cool dark cabinet. The eggs are rotated twice a day to help keep the yolk centered. Only the freshest collected eggs will be sent to the buyer. Older eggs are incubated here.

Empty foam shipping block

eggs firmly tucked into the foam blocks

protective foam caps are placed on both sides of the eggs to give them a completely secure foam padding.

9 x 9 USPS Priority mail shipping box with foam blocks inside


9 x 9 shipping box is placed inside the larger 12 x 12 USPS Priority mail shipping box with peanut packing material tucked all around to help center the smaller box and provide a much needed "crush zone"

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